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We are a CONSIGNMENT shop in the city of Pasadena, Ca. We are located at 999 E. Colorado Pasadena, Ca.  We are a small and tight knitted ran business. We want to help those who can't find shoes at certain prices or are in a rush to unload a collection of shoes. We price shoes not according to what the highest price, but what is fair. We want to help the people who bring in their shoes, but also the people who buy the shoes. The cheaper we get shoes, the cheaper we can sell, which means a win-win-win situation between the seller-middleman-purchaser.We have been up since April 2014.


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PLEASE CALL US AT (626)644-5932

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    This weekend we received a few pairs of Jordan Future "Volts". With a quilted upper, asymmetrical lacing system, rope laces complimenting  a Jordan 11 Sole....How could you possibly go wrong? With a taste of a NSW  (Nike Sports Wear) shoe,... read more

  • Open Up Shop

    If you are reading this, you are part of something that could be potentially something great. We are here to offer our customers, our family and friends ways to get their dream shoes at a reasonable price. These shoes that... read more